Eligibility requirements for the Genetics of Hyperhidrosis Study

If you answer, "YES" to any of the following questions you are probably eligible for the study:


Have you ever been told by a doctor that you have "Hyperhidrosis?"
2. Do you experience sweating when you are not overheated or in an anxious state?
3. Do you experience a sudden increase in the amount of sweat from your hands or feet when stressed?
4. Do you experience sweating from your hands and feet?
5. Do you leave puddles on the floor when you walk barefoot?
6. Do you have any immediate biological relatives who have been diagnosed with hyperhidrosis?


If you can answer, "YES" to one or more of the above questions and are willing to give informed consent; provide us with a mouthwash sample (we will provide all necessary equipment); attempt to recruit other family members and complete an 15 minute questionnaire, then you are probably eligible for the study.

Please contact us by calling toll free at 877-444-2525 or by clicking here if you think you might be eligible for the study and would like to participate.