Epidemiology Informatics and Study Management Unit
: Mindy Ginsberg

Division Details

The Epidemiology Informatics and Study Management Unit provides research informatics expertise and services to develop Study Management Systems which integrate database management and quality assurance. These systems provide a comprehensive solution for managing research protocols by automating study operations, creating data collection instruments, establishing quality control and data validation procedures, implementing web-based scheduling and tracking systems and reporting services, and providing investigators with the ability to run basic statistical programming and descriptive analyses.

The EISMU has extensive experience in creating and implementing multi-center study operational and data management systems, network and systems infrastructure, security protocols and backup procedures to ensure data integrity.

The Unit also serves as the Epidemiology Informatics Shared Resource for the AECOM Cancer Center.


  • Develop web-based comprehensive study management systems
  • Design, develop and document back-end database systems
  • Establish and administer all security measures for databases
  • Develop operational and database system documentation for studies
  • Design extensive quality control and data tracking procedures
  • Provide comprehensive study data integration for analysis by the Biostatistics core
  • Prepare data management sections for grant applications
  • Serve as data coordinating center for multi-center studies
  • Provide descriptive analyses and customized programming
  • Provide data management training seminars to faculty and students
  • Division Contact Information
    Mindy Ginsberg
    Phone: (718) 430-3559

    Fax: (718) 430-8548

    e-mail: Mindy.Ginsberg@einstein.yu.edu