: Howard Strickler, MD, MPH

Division Details

Epidemiology plays a major role in bringing about changes in treatment, prevention and prevailing knowledge of disease etiology. The Division's mission is the design and implementation of translational research in three phases: translation of basic science discoveries to clinical studies; translation of clinical studies to population-based studies; and translation of population-based findings to health services delivery applications and health policy issues.

The overall goals of the Division are to:

  • Conduct epidemiological research. This includes cross-sectional studies, case control studies, prospective (longitudinal) studies, molecular epidemiology studies, as well as multicenter clinical trials;
  • Teach epidemiological principles to medical students, residents and fellows, graduate students, faculty and staff within the Einstein/Montefiore complex;
  • Provide consultation in research design to members of the Einstein/Montefiore community; and
  • Broaden our liaison with clinical and basic science departments through collaborative studies and research programs.

The major areas of research activity encompass studies in cancer, hypertension and cardiovascular disease, women’s health, diabetes and nutrition, as well as epidemiological research aimed at elucidating and ultimately helping to reduce racial/ethnic and sex disparities in disease burden and health care access.

Division Contact Information
Howard Strickler
Phone: 718 430-4055

e-mail: howard.strickler@einstein.yu.edu

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The Women's Health Initiative (WHI)
The Division of Epidemiology has been appointed to set up and operate one of the 40 WHI national clinical centers. The WHI project is a multi-million dollar grant which studies the effects of hormone replacement therapy, dietary calcium and low fat intake in post menopausal women.
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